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People Operations / Mid/Senior level


Sep 5

As a Same Page People Person, you will serve as the main HR point of contact for a handful of clients, interacting directly with the business founder or someone on the leadership team. Similar titles that might be good fits for this role are HR Generalist, HR Coordinator, or HR Specialist. We just think People Person sounds a little less "Toby Flenderson-y".


  • Minimum 3 years of broad and progressive HR experience 
  • At least 2 verifiable examples of leading an HR initiative or creating an HR process 
  • Experience working directly with executive-level team members 

You might be a good fit if: 

  • You understand the alphabet soup of HR—FMLA, ACA, EEOC, I-9, W-4s. You might not have it all memorized, but you can answer most questions because you keep information accessible and accurate. (You dislike bureaucracy but know which rules must be followed.) 
  • You don't just talk about being organized; you’ve actually got air-tight organizational systems, routines, and habits to stay on top of a high volume of processes, requests, and fire drills. You hold yourself accountable with your own reminders. 
  • You have succeeded in fast-paced, dynamic environments where the priorities change often.
  • You have a “client-service” orientation; you want to advise and support employees so you welcome their (many!) questions as they navigate their benefits admin or the transition to a hybrid work environment. 
  • You’ve got the self-assurance to present confidently in front of executives but the humility to feel a little nervous about it. 
  • You love learning and are always trying to better understand people dynamics, new business models, and talent processes. 
  • You are proficient with technology and are comfortable learning new things.
  • You always bring positive energy. 

Some things you’ll be doing: 

  • You will review customers' HR policies and practices and guide them through the Same Page HR Framework.
  • As the main HR point of contact for a customer, you’ll be there to assist employees with all their questions and needs around benefits, policies, payroll, PTO, etc. 
  • One day you might be answering a tough question about health insurance, researching a state law, or working with a manager to figure out a difficult situation with a team member. The next day you might be rolling out a new onboarding process. Other days are filled with things as simple as updating an employee’s address or direct deposit information.
  • For most customers, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the hiring process from beginning to end. You won’t do all the work, but you will make sure that it gets done—the right way.
  • You’ll manage the process when employees leave, and you will coach managers on how to navigate that. 
  • Other projects you might help with include building a virtual handbook for a customer, overhauling their onboarding, rolling out a performance management process that employees don't actively hate, or refining and documenting people processes—all following our Same Page Framework.
  • You’ll likely have one to three scheduled meetings each week per client. 

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